100% Grass-fed Beef

Our beef cattle are 100% grass-fed on lush, green pastures and hay. We never feed them grain, corn or soy. No GMO anything ! No hormones, antibiotics, or anything artificial.

We raise Angus, Hereford and Black Baldies (Hereford-Angus crosses) that have been 100% grass-fed since they were weaned and until they are finished (shipped to market).

Organic meat can be produced without regard to what is “right” for the animal or the environment. Some organic beef and pork are not given access to pasture, are fed primarily corn and soy products and do not contribute to a sustainable environment. At Golden Bear Farm, our cattle are rotationally grazed over 210 acres of fresh organic pastures consisting of a variety of grasses, clovers, oats, and alfalfa, which are what nature intended for them to eat. The cattle mob-graze the tops of the plants allowing the plants to re-grow quickly and healthy. They leave behind healthy plants, naturally fertilized. We rotate the cattle twice a day onto fresh pasture.

Our cattle are never confined. In the winter, they have a wind block and a very dense bedding pack that keeps them warm even on the coldest nights. They are very happy cattle. You be the judge !

Our beef is extremely lean, healthy and delicious. Here are some pictures to give you an idea…