It’s Healthier for People

Beef and pork from grass-fed animals are not only delicious, they’re healthier than primarily grain-fed beef and pork:

Lower in fat and calories by about 100 calories per 6 ounce steak.
Higher in Omega-3 fatty acids, essential for heart health, reduces risk of obesity, arthritis, allergies, insulin resistance and autoimmune diseases.
Lower in Omega-6 fatty acids that may contribute to heart disease, cancers and depression.
Higher in beta-carotene which reduces the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.
The fat in pork is mostly unsaturated, and most of that is monounsaturated oleic acid, the same fat in olive oil.
The other fat in pork is natural saturated fat which raises the HDL – the good cholesterol.
Golden Bear Farm Beef and Pork contain no antibiotics or hormones which contribute to developmental issues, immune disorders and a variety of cancers. We never feed corn, soy, processed foods or any GMO’s.


It’s Delicious

Beef and pork raised primarily on organically grown grasses and legumes has a more complex flavor. It’s juicy and lightly marbled with hints of flavor from plants we grow on our farm. We plant a variety of grasses, clovers and alfalfa and supplement with dry hay and baleage during winter.

Golden Bear Farm Beef and Pork is very tender. We provide a no-stress environment for the cattle and pigs, because stress contributes negatively to the meat’s texture.

It’s Better for the Environment

At Golden Bear Farm we plant only organic seed and never use chemicals for pesticides, weed control, or fertilizer. We use an organic foliar spray as an additional fertilizer. We preserve the topsoil and actually increase it by densely growing a variety of plants and allowing the cattle to fertilize it naturally, thereby eliminating erosion. Golden Bear Farm maintains a variety of species of plants and trees which is very attractive to native wildlife.

It’s Humane for the Animals

Grass and legumes are the natural, nutritionally complete, easy-to-digest food for cattle. Most beef and pork in supermarkets come from animals raised in packed feedlots that are fed grain laced with hormones, antibiotics and steroids to make them grow bigger, faster and withstand an inhumane environment. Golden Bear Farm cattle are rotationally grazed on organic pastures; they access a large fresh paddock every day. Our animals thrive in rich, open, tall grass pastures where they roam freely and have an abundance of fresh water, fresh air and sunshine. Their environment promotes health and prevents unnecessary artificial treatments. This sustainable approach has been used to raise livestock for centuries.